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Goals and Salary

There are various types of questions that would be asked for different people at different situations. So here are the most common situations we face and you can choose among them and find the questions what needs answers.

Goals and Salary

– How much are you looking for?
Answer with a question, i.e., “What is the salary range for similar jobs in your company?” If they don’t answer, then give a range of what you understand you are worth in the marketplace

– What do you know about our company?
Do your homework before the interview! Spend some time online or at the library researching the company. Find out as much as you can, including products, size, income, reputation, image, management talent, people, skills, history and philosophy. Project an informed interest; let the interviewer tell you about the company.

– How much do you expect, if we offer this position to you?
Be careful; the market value of the job may be the key answer, e.g., “My understanding is that a job like the one you’re describing may be in the range of Rs. ______.”

– What kind of salary are you worth?
Have a specific figure in mind … don’t be hesitant.

– If you could start your career again, what would you do differently?
Nothing … I am happy today, so I don’t want to change my past.

– What career options do you have at the moment?
“I see three areas of interest…” Relate those to the position and industry.

– How would you describe the essence of success? According to your definition of success, how successful have you been so far? 
Think carefully about your answer and relate it to your career accomplishments.


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